Kitchen and bathroom tops,
Silestone, Ethereal

Download 3D Texture BIM model Silestone Etheral

The new Ethereal collection is the evolution of the acclaimed Eternal Collection. Ethereal is the most advanced series of Silestone® developed with HybriQ+ technology, redefining and redeveloping the field of design, innovation and sustainability. Four colours are proposed, each with its own characteristics: Ethereal Glow is a renewed version of the classic Calacatta Gold, with a bold and modern structure. The veins play with elegant shades of gold and grey, blending into a shaded white background; Ethereal Noctis takes its cue from the design of Eternal, giving it a new, restrained approach. Black gives a touch of elegance within the palette, grey details and a textured background with short veins give depth; Ethereal Dusk gives a modern touch with its bluish hues, making it a more urban and contemporary design within the collection. The perfect combinations for Ethereal Dusk are dark colours such as black or brown, but also reddish woods and metals with an antiqued look such as bronze or copper; finally, Ethereal Haze is a colour with a strong character where the shades blend with the neutral background colour. The combination of cool and warm tones makes this colour perfect for spaces with a total wood or concrete look, but also for copper metals, gold, limestone and rustic fabrics. 

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