Kitchen and bathroom tops, Dekton Liquid

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Collection inspired by the beauty of liquids: designed by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham.

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Collection inspired by the beauty of liquids: designed by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham.

The Dekton Liquid surface collection features ultra-compact mineral slabs with colors inspired by the beauty of natural liquids. This concept, perfectly aligned with Cosentino's philosophy of producing low environmental impact slabs in full respect of the planet, was developed by designers Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham from the PATTERNITY studio. The creation of the Liquid collection for Dekton highlights the innovative characteristics of the material.

The Dekton Liquid ultra-compact cladding slabs are available in three different colors:

  1. Liquid Sky: inspired by the sky and characterized by its swirling and marbled pattern.
  2. Liquid Shell: textures generated by tidal motions, resulting in changing shapes and consistencies.
  3. Liquid Embers: a combination of fire and water, two powerful and opposing natural elements that symbolize the turning point between an end and a new beginning.


The fields of application for Dekton Liquid slabs are numerous:

  • Kitchen countertops: resistant to high temperatures and highly stain-resistant due to its limited porosity.
  • Outdoor kitchen countertops: Dekton slabs are not affected by weather conditions and do not suffer from discoloration or damage caused by sun, rain, hail, or wind.
  • Bathroom cladding: thanks to the ultra-thin slab format, it is easy to install and cut to seamlessly integrate into any project. The large slabs allow for a reduced number of joints and seams, making it a highly hygienic product.
  • Building facades: highly resistant with very low moisture absorption, it can be used for stone-like facade cladding, such as granite. Panels in the size of 320 cm x 144 cm are recommended, with thicknesses of 8 mm, 12 mm, and 20 mm. It is also resistant to freezing and thawing.

Find catalogs of the Dekton Liquid series available for download at the bottom of this page. If you are a designer in need of materials for your architectural project, you can find the 3D textures of the Dekton Liquid Sky, Shell, and Embers mineral surfaces to use in AutoCAD and major design software. Cosentino also provides downloadable BIM objects of Dekton Liquid mineral surfaces in adsklib format, native to Revit.

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