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Living area furnishing accessories Tivù 3D Models

Tivù was conceived in 1990. It belonged to a family of objects called ‘Stones’, featuring an iconic image and a primary language that was square and monolithic. The television set is placed on the top shelf. The cable box and DVD player are located behind the door in the middle. And the V-shaped side wings can hold newspapers and magazines. The lower part contain wheels allowing it to be moved. The current version has been redesigned on the basis of a shallower depth, since television screens are much thinner compared to those of the 90s.
This project has been put into production by Internoitaliano in virtue of the object’s communicative-iconic strength, with which many will identify in their memory as the graphic sequence that RAI — Italian Radio and Television — aired at the beginning and closing of television broadcasts from the 50s to 80s.