Mosaics Impressions 3D Models

Line of artistic mosaic tiles made ​​of glass material. L 'idea was born with the' intention of making the panels from modern floral taste but can be used to 'internal environment of any public or private sector as an element of decor or furniture. These panels can be prefinished or applied to the wall as a classic mosaic. 

Even the panels of the "Impressions", as all the other elements of the range Friul Mosaic, are fully customizable depending on the tastes and needs of customers. 

- MAGNOLIA: 200X200 CM 

- MAGNOLIA A: 100X200 CM; 

- MAGNOLIA B: 100X200 CM; 

- IBISCUS: 200X200 CM; 

- IBISCUS 1: 100X200 CM; 

- IBISCUS 2: 100X200 CM; 

- CROCUS 1: 100X200 CM; 

- CROCUS 2: 100X200 CM; 

- ORCHIDEA B: 100X200 CM; 

- ORCHIDEA B: 100X200 CM;