7.0 130mm Sheet Metal

Pre-painted sheet metal partition panels 130 mm thick

Pre-painted sheet metal partition panels 130 mm thick

These modular partition walls combine a solid structure with the ease and versatility of architectural composition to adapt to the customised design of different types of environments from offices to other types of interior spaces.

Seven Metal is an Italian company expert in the processing of metal for application to interior design. Seven Metal's 7.0 line of modular partition walls is designed precisely for tailor-made design: these dividing panels can easily be inserted into b for offices, dental practices, production spaces, commercial spaces, wellness and sports areas.

If you are designing or would like to design using a modular partition, you will find the bim models of Seven Metal's 7.0 modular partition line and the 3d models available for download at the bottom of this page. You will find rfa files for autodesk revit and 3d models in dwg format compatible with autocad.
Seven Metal also provides catalogues of modular partition walls for offices, and specification sheets with useful technical information on the product.

Seven Metal's 7.0 modular partition walls are composed of different elements:

  • Aluminium C-pillars, which are versatile and have an easy ground attachment system with an adjustable foot to absorb any variations in level.
  • Opaque elements in pre-painted sheet metal, customisable on request and available in different colours.
  • Glazed elements framed on extruded aluminium profiles and machined with a vertical attachment system to the upright.

The modular wall panels in pre-painted sheet metal can be supplied with insulation, or with panelling to increase fire resistance and soundproofing.
The glazed panels can be fitted with adjustable slat blinds to provide rooms with greater privacy.

The large number of elements available for modular office partition walls makes this product extremely versatile and suitable for use in countless different configurations.
Modular partition walls can also be easily moved and modified over time, depending on usage needs.

For any information on Seven Metal's modular office partition walls, please do not hesitate to contact the company directly using the contact form at the bottom of this product page.

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