312 Biosmacchiabile Lucido

Glossy wall enamel, characterized by unbeatable washability, gives the wall the ability to resist wear and friction over time. It is a certified interior paint that guarantees its suitability for use in environments where cleaning is essential, such as operating rooms, places where food preparation is concerned, medical clinics, schools, but also restaurants, hotels or environments frequent house traffic, such as corridors, stairs, entrances and kitchens, which need to be protected because they are more prone to dirt and wear than others. Thanks to its excellent stain removability and resistance to dirt, 312 Biosmacchiabile Lucido is a stain-resistant paint, which can be easily cleaned with a simple sponge pass, in case of fresh stains, even difficult ones, such as coffee, tomato, markers, graphite, smoke and mustache of heaters. This allows to reduce painting and maintenance interventions and, consequently, it saves time and money, simply by cleaning the wall when necessary. 312 Biosmacchiabile Lucido is the best interior paint for quality/price ratio: with excellent technical performance, this wall enamel combines high yield per tin, reducing the cost per square meter. 312 Biosmacchiabile Lucido also guarantees excellent coverage, which allows you to cover pre-existing colors, even intense and lively, and to preserve the wall by coating it with a protective barrier with a shiny appearance, which prevents external agents from damaging the White.

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