315 Biosmalto Lucido

315 Biosmalto lucido is a water-based, odorless, super-opaque enamel that can be applied on any type of substrate and surface, obtaining excellent results: wood, iron, galvanized sheets, plastic, PVC and other materials. 315 Biosmalto lucido is an ecological enamel: its special formulation, without formaldehyde and without solvents, does not require any particular ventilation in the interior. 315 Biosmalto lucido allows to cover, in a simple way, previously colored surfaces, even with bright, strong and dark hues, obtaining excellent results with few product applications. Thanks to its special and innovative formulation, this water-based enamel guarantees high resistance over time, abrasion and washing, and allows you to decorate and give new life to the surfaces of furniture, indoors and outdoors, protecting them and keeping them unchanged in the time. 315 Biosmalto lucido is an easy-to-use water-based enamel for surface treatment. It does not drip or trickle during application and offers excellent adhesion to the substrate.

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