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Decorated wood floor: Marco Ferreri "Imprinting"


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Decorated wood floor: Marco Ferreri "Imprinting"


Nature teaches us If we look, we can find beautiful things on the ground, in the wood, in autumn, leaves, fallen, a resounding rug of a thousand colours. Among the stones, some with the image of plants and animals that once were. In the snow, in the sand, the footprints tell us of the animals that have passed by that way. Things on the ground, that tell stories to those that want to see and those who want to hear. At home too.


Size Maxitavole design: 13x120x1200 or 13x150x1500mm.

Size Maxitavole B5: 13x100/120/150/175/200x1000-2500 mm.


A Note for sample request:

You can receive a sample of the stave that shows in detail the decoration with two folders holding material samples of all the colours and all the surfaces of the product collection. A 35 Euro refund is required, including shipping expenses, payable in cash on delivery.

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