Sweet Spa XL

 SweetSpaXL - Sweet Collection 3D Models

Designer: Cristiano Mino

Steam bath, shower, soft lighting, music, wellness paths and persuasive sensory showers to offer a multisensory experience with a style never seen before: in the bedroom, the bathroom or the personal area of the SPA. Forged by Starpool’s experience, SweetSpaXL accommodates up to four people with innovative benches, designed to optimize comfort. The charm of a distinctive ambience; the elegance and purity of the essential lines for a complete wellness experience, a true SPA in less than 4 square meters.

A simple touch on the SweetSpaXL panel will enable the following functions:
- steam bath;
- 4 wellness paths (Excite, relax, tonic and purify), each being characterized by a 20-minute steam bath themed with music, color, aroma, and sensory shower;
- sensory shower "Breeze", fresh mist flavored with blue mint;
- sensory shower "Rain", summer rain with passion fruit amber; LED bar RGB with to combine your favorite colors into a fade;
- Music: play - stop and skip audio MP3 with predisposition;
- ceiling showerhead for comfortable showers on your own or in company, and small mounted shower.

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