Diesis 40

Sofa diesis 3d models

Diesis is not only a B&B Italia classic, but an absolute icon of contemporary design. 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of its first appearance - an important landmark which has been celebrated with some design and structural updates. These updates return to the original concept while simultaneously advancing the design towards the future. The iconic backrest retains its essential and technical integrity based around the structural steel core, composed of metal springs which give strength and flexibility. The thick leather covered base and backrest are just like they were 40 years ago, but now have a distinctive Saffiano texture. The supporting frame has a timeless elegance, which underlines Diesis’ harmony with the vision of the great masters of Modernism. The cushions boast a new leather cover (available exclusively for Diesis 40) that accentuates the product’s strength and vigour. This is softened by new and more comfortable upholstery. Reinforced seams and other techniques borrowed from saddlery draw attention to the authentic craftsmanship. Lovers of technical details will appreciate the die-cast lenticular elements of the polished brushed aluminium frame, and the seat structure which is further reduced by using two leather-covered coupled sheets. There are many further details to discover in Diesis 40. It is a great classic ready to face the next decades of its life.

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