Systems Misfits 3D Models

Misfits is a modular seating system with many modules, all different, whose shapes appear to mould the material almost as if they were sculptures, a play on volumes, solids and empty spaces, fluid and flexuous lines, sinuous curves that hint at undulating movements and provide the maximum comfort. Free-standing and in foam, Misfits is structured in five large modules, three with a back and two poufs, which can be combined in endless solutions that can also live on their own.

A play on elements with pliable volumes for a sculptural yet highly comfortable seating range. The modules are in injected flame-retardant foam over internal steel frame. Feet, screwed to the frame, in black polypropylene. The collection is produced, due to the special nature of the shapes, inwool only. The Misfits collection covers are not removable.