Francesco Faccin’s innovative and contemporary project pays tribute to tradition while meeting modern requirements. 
Harvey stands out for its electrified three-foot easel, which makes it suitable for contemporary and flexible work spaces that make use of electronic equipment, as well as home spaces, which, now more than ever, have adapted to new requirements. 
The electrified solution is inserted into the easel to exploit the entire surface of the table and ensure flexibility all day long. The Schuko and USB sockets can power computers, photo cameras, coffee machines, or even the toaster during lunchbreaks.


“An easel is an anonymous object, a silent servant that has always helped humans in their activities. It’s an essential tool made of a few elements that work effectively to make an architectural object that supports a surface. Over the years, I’ve seen easels of every shape and material. Wooden easels in carpenters’ workshops, metal easels in joinery workshops, bronze easels in foundries, bamboo easels in Nairobi’s slums, and other types of easels to hold the marble in place in quarries, in artists’ studios, lute-makers’ workshops and architectural firms. A versatile object that gives life to thousands of interpretations while remaining discreet yet functional.”
Francesco Faccin

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