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"The Main stool collection, made of tubular metal with a wooden seat, is characterized by the presence of a leg with visibly increased dimensions which becomes the main compositional element. The swivel stool, adjustable in height, rests on four legs, one of which has a double diameter than that of the others. This one becomes the housing of the gas mechanism allowing the seat level adjustment. The circular footrest, supported only by the three lower diameter legs, conveys a feeling of lightness, "freeing" the main leg on the support surface. The seat has a particular section that allows you to grab and move the stool comfortably. The low stool, featuring a fixed seat and with only three legs, keeps the characteristic of one leg more visible than the others. "

Lorenzo Damiani

Main represents a case where the eye is turned to the past, to when the work had an artisanal dimension and each drawing needed many hours of manual work. In fact, the Main stool refers to the idea of ​​the laboratory and brings with it the echo of the drafting machine stool.

In the reinterpretation that Damiani designed for et al. the tailspin seat has been replaced by a gas device that makes the height adjustment easier. The ash wood seat is available in 6 different finishes, from natural to black. The frame and the characteristic footrest fixed only on 3 legs are made of painted steel, available in all the new 2021 finishes.

The collection consists of two stools and two tables, featuring a modern design and crafted from tubular metal is available in two different heights, high (h105cm) and low (h72cm), to adapt to a variety of settings.

The Main 1120 stool has an adjustable height that ranges from 65 cm to 75 cm, which makes it a highly flexible seat that is well suited to new ways of working and environments: from the classic and more traditional office, to informal coworking spaces or residential installations. The 1121 version with the 3-legged frame, on the other hand, has a fixed height of 49 cm.

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