Technical porcelain stoneware,
Antolini marble effect

Fine marble-effect rectified single-caliber rectified porcelain stoneware with a light and bright color with small inclusions in the base and with deep full-grain veins, full-body technical porcelain stoneware composition with through vein.
Polished lapped finish but can also be satin finished.
Further surface finish with canetted and polished effect on the ridges. The slabs are available in 2 cm thicknesses for outdoor floors; 1 cm for interior floors and walls and 2 cm for bathroom, kitchen and table tops. The format starts from 60x60 cm but can be made in different formats and finishes up to a maximum size of slab 160x320 cm.
Very suitable for indoor use as a floor and wall covering but also suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to the degrading action of atmospheric agents and the characteristics of slip resistance. The product complies with all the regulations of technical porcelain stoneware.

The textures are available in the download:
- Beige Antolini Marble Slabs: beige marble with a compact background with small inclusions and crossed by irregular veins of bronze color, more or less marked with a diagonal pattern; it is a versatile material that can be applied in different types of projects for indoor and outdoor environments, alone or in combination with other marbles in both classic and modern contexts.