Technical porcelain stoneware,
Terrazzo effect - Venice Villa FMG

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VENICE VILLA reinterprets the famous Venetian ‘terrazzo’ in a contemporary key, combining the appearance of crushed marble fragments with the excellent properties of full body porcelain stoneware. The result is a real interplay of colours that capture and reflect light, enhancing homes and commercial spaces. Inclusions of fragments express the beauty of the material that inspired the collection, faithfully reproducing it in a ceramic surface that is extremely easy to lay, maintain and clean. 

VENICE VILLA stands out for its variety of colours and fragments: marble effect fragments appear like gems and result in elegant, personalised combinations.

The many sizes available (120x60, 60x60, 60x30, 20x20 + special pieces), are perfect for furnishing not only small spaces, but also larger ones. There are also lots of colours: from delicate shades like Ivory, Silver, Zinc, White and Beige, to stronger ones like Graphite, Earth and Grey. These are joined by five exclusive shades: Green, Pink, Coral, Yellow and Blue… brand-new versions of classic floors enhanced by brilliant fragments – a modern interpretation of the original material. 

The collection is available in three finishes: natural, polished and structured, which celebrate this noble tradition with 3 attractive surfaces that highlight its eclectic, versatile nature.

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