Technical porcelain stoneware,
Giallogiotto porphyry effect

Giallogiotto Porphyry Fine Porcelain Stoneware, exclusively for Minotti kitchens, is a material whose characteristic is the almost lunar and mysterious texture and the warm and soft surface.
It consists of a base made up of crystals so tiny as to give this base characteristics of vitreous paste, in which, however, larger crystals are immersed, mostly quartz. These chemical and physical characteristics translate into truly useful properties in all areas where characteristics of great resistance to wear and temperature changes, including sub-zero temperatures, are required. Very suitable for outdoor settings also with the traditional Sampietrino format.

Satin finish but it can also be finished polished lapped.
Flamed finish especially for outdoor environments.
The slabs are available in 2 cm thicknesses for outdoor floors; 1 cm for interior floors and walls and 2 cm for bathroom, kitchen and table top coverings.
The format starts from 60x60 cm but can be made in different formats and finishes up to a maximum size of slab 160x320 cm.
Very suitable for indoor use as a floor and wall covering but also suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to the degrading action of atmospheric agents and the characteristics of slip resistance.
The product complies with all the regulations of technical porcelain stoneware.

The textures are available in the download:
- Giallogiotto Porphyry Effect Slabs: yellow stone composed of very hard and resistant minerals of various sizes; it is a versatile material that can be applied in different types of projects for indoor and outdoor environments alone or in combination with other marbles or stones in both classic and modern contexts.

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