Technical porcelain stoneware,
Terrazzo effect

Download Texture lb-terrazzo

One size fine technical porcelain stoneware rectified throughout the body with a Terrazzo effect and through-body flakes of coloured pastes with the patented LB, Freestile system. It has a glossy or satin lappato finish.

The slabs are available in 2 cm thicknesses for outdoor flooring; 1 cm for indoor flooring and coating and 2 cm for bathroom, kitchen, and table top surfaces, and a 60x60 cm format but can be made in different sizes and finishes up to a maximum slab size of 160x320 cm.

Very suitable for indoor use as flooring and coatings but is also suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to the degrading action of atmospheric agents and its resistance to slipperiness.

The product complies with all the technical porcelain stoneware regulations.

The following textures are available in the download:

- Black terrazzo slabs: black terrazzo with grey flaking;

- Anthracite terrazzo slabs: black terrazzo with cold-toned flaking;

- Black multi-colour terrazzo slabs: black terrazzo with pink flaking; 

- Green terrazzo slabs: green terrazzo with white, black, and grey flaking;

- White terrazzo slabs: white terrazzo with orange-toned flaking;

- Light terrazzo slabs: white terrazzo with light flakes with flakes of mixtures of warm colors.