Corso Brick

Wall Corso Brick 3D Models

  New format of the bricks with the dimensions of 10 x 50 x 4 cm, which was being experimented within its expressive capacity by some of the world famous architects.

  The size also finds new expressions through colors and finishes that have been proposed in the product and that are feasible only in relation to the format.

  The real capacity in architectural design is the ability to use the format with installation solutions to staggered dimensions and with different depths creating lighting effects and modulation of the blocks in view of strong decorative impact. 

  The product is offered as custom manufacturing and selling requires involvement of the supplier in the study phase for the definition and design of color and texture solutions and training of mortar joints.

  The brick CORSO is available in all the colors available in the range of S.Anselmo colors and also in the board /angle formats.

  The range is offered with a presentation of the experiences of work carried out and on these customizations are evaluated custom manufacturing and costs. The façade with this product exceeds tradition and function of brick as building material allowing the designer the transition from architectural work to an artistic work.

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