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Materials:  vinyl wallpaper / EQ.Dekor glass fiber wallpaper / Tela taffetà stretched frabric
Design year: 2021

We are always looking for a new balance. 
As human beings we are constantly evolving over time. Our awareness of ourselves, our spaces and our relationship to the spaces we inhabit is constantly adapting and expanding. 
Architectural elements form the structure of the new balance within the space we inhabit. They are our fixed points, the lines that guide our gaze towards outer space. We are exploring the boundaries of a dream world. 
Are you ready to push your imagination beyond every possible limit? Where the outside is inside and the inside is outside, the above blends with the below in a perspective that defies any logic. 

The subjects framed by the architectures are surreal elements that lead the mind to fascinating places and distant dimensions.
The natural subjects fit between the architectural elements of a past reinterpreted in a modern key and constitute the dimension beyond, capturing the curiosity and the eye. Art, the most intimate and passionate expression of the human soul, as well as boundless natural landscapes, find space between porticos and columns, thus becoming an integral part of the interior design.
It is the result of the balance between the chaos of the exterior and the order of architectural artifice. It is the search for the dimension beyond.
Interiors are reinterpreted. An oxymoron of space is created by using three-dimensional elements to recreate two-dimensional ones.
Volumes and perspectives, porches and facades are reshaped to fit the surface of the wallpaper. 
The only goal is to experiment and unleash creativity in every project. 

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