Contro corrente - Inediti 03

Contro corrente belongs to Inediti 03 series. The new selection in the 03 series takes the imagination into a dreamlike dimension that investigates mysterious depths and envelops the exploration of the unknown, the secret of something lost resurfacing from the past. This is the leitmotif that links the fifteen new graphic designs, created for different projects but united by a common denominator: the rediscovery of elements that populate our present and past lives into separate worlds, although feeling the desire to contaminate themselves. What would happen if these worlds were to interpenetrate and what if they slowly started to merge? Then architecture would serve nature and vice versa nature would become a part of human architecture. Where before there was a clear break, now emerges a desire for mutual permeation. The aesthetic form permeates the location and the location permeates the aesthetic form. Wallpapers therefore become a window on the outside, placed within the architecture and bringing nature into enclosed spaces. Inediti Series 03 aims at creating a breach and instants of fusion between the two worlds in which we, as humans, can stop and look inside ourselves. An invitation to dive deeper redescovering lost treasures.


Materials: vinyl wallpaper / EQ.Dekor glass fiber wallpaper / Tela taffetà stretched fabric
Design year: 2020

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