Dogon - Art-Ai

Dogon belongs to the Art-Ai collection. The Art-Ai project, the new six graphics collection, came out from the designer Giuliano Ravazzini experimentation after his numerous trips to Africa. The main purpose of the project is to create a point of union between Africa and Italy, a bond made up of artistic inspiration and culture, diversity and aesthetics, intuition and the search for beauty.  The collection Art-Ai, born from a collective of West African artists together with Giuliano Ravazzini, propose itself as a recovery of ancient decorative techniques handed down over time according to the rules of the tribes.
The results of this experimentation are paper-fabrics with a tribal flavor, each of which is an enigma, a puzzle that encourages the imagination to find out the story hidden behind those shapes. Art-Ai's works reproduce an artistic practice as an executive modality  shared by an entire village community that knows how to transform waste material, papers, plants, colors into harmonious and decorative chromatic compositions as well as everyday objects. The results are genuine one-of-a-kind pieces with a high level of craftsmanship linked to the manual processing of an apparently simple material: paper.


Materials: vinyl wallpaper / EQ.Dekor glass fiber wallpaper / Taffeta stretched fabric
Design year: 2021

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