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S4 Studio

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My little own studio,start from September 2012. After years of moving work from the architect's office to another architect's office finally in 2011 I decided to move direction into the 3D world. Everything is not easy at the beginning, even now. But everything will go well when coupled with effort and learning. I am now proud to be able to run this little studio.


Greenland Residence - Malang

My first local developer client so far.

MGM Las Vegas Boxing Stadium

My first work for game purposes. Modelling all stuffs (except the lights model) just from google image references. Client : Kanai NorthSkull (UK)

Naperville - US

My latest project on 2013. Finally got new client from US again,my work just put landscaping, rendering and adjust little part at the overall. I like the vegetation (trees) color in there...

Objects for sale