Dariusz Szczygielski


Interior designer


Country : PL
City : Siedlce
Postal code : 08-110
Address : ul. Armii Krajowej 9/66

I work like a freelancer, I usually create interior design and product visualization. I love creating an old, dilapidated spaces with plenty of detail, or modern very minimalist, almost sterile room. These are my two favorite lines. Cheers!


Rustic furniture.

This project was made ​​for a furniture company that manufactures antiqued solid wood furniture. The main aim was to show the furniture in an attractive space. I chose a loft, a forest hu...

Scandinavian loft

Scandinavian loft is a place where you can easily relax and at the same time is a large and spacious place ideal for creative work. Thick white floor with old boards, raw concrete walls a...

Objects for sale

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