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Country : PL
City : Warszawa
Postal code : 00-716
Address : Bartycka 24/26, pawilon90

Biopasja-  with 10 year of experiences are today leading manufacturer of custom fireplaces with innovative designs and solutions. Our new different thinking lead us into own patents and industrial designs, but we are not stopping her.... now as the only one we can deliver BioBox Safe - with movable drawer, easy to install and safe to use, or customized fireplaces with stove painted glass, delivered with glass shield hold by patented NEO handle made of magnets. We can deliver different lengths of bio burners from 400 up to 2400mm long as one flame length ,we call them Artflame, they have industrial design protection, easy to install in any applications, furniture’s etc. 
I really hope with our innovative designs and customized solutions and how we work we will be pleased to cooperate with us and You will gain benefits and most of all bringing different solutions to Yours customers and expand with us as team member. We can deliver needed materials to Yours home page so customers can start to recognize the brand name in whole Yours country. Cooperating with us / dealer than we can insure that You will be the only one for us in whole country, and we will be pleased to serve You needs and yours customer. 
We are flat organisation therefore easy to cooperate and fixing upcoming tasks easy and fast. 
If this found Your inters please send me feedback than I will contact You or make visit coming days to better present us and to get to know each other. 

Soon all fireplaces will be ready as BIM... family models for easy to use... 


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