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Country : US
Postal code : 23462
Address : 4632 FERN OAK CRT.

I am a ful service custom interior designer specializing in space planning and lighting design and priding myself on being able to learn what my client wants and make there dream home become thier reality so when i leave the job done it reflects the clients personality not mine. After my schooling at UCLA I started my own business in 1980 and worked in the beverly hills and beach areas of los angeles for 16 yrs. before moving to virginia beach , va. and exploring the east coast style for the past 17 years . I am very archetectural in my aproch to design integrating lighting into the walls and soffets to have a custom built in effect. I love to creat built in cabinetry and use all the space to hide and integrate storage and sound equipment to be pleasing to the eye. Kitchens and baths are the heart of any home and have to have lots of care given to them .. I can take a client from contemporay to mediteranian to traditional as i have all the history traning in furniture, art, and architecture to draw from . I draft by hand .--- Yes, I know there are wonderful computer aids out there but i love to hand draw and find that my true insperation comes from that art. As i move thru a design on the drawing board i beggin to see it in three diamention and textures and colors. My vision always developes into reality with great pleasure for me. The next phase of the design is the budget and then the exicution . Both of which i have great passion to be involved in .Before i started my design business I was a full charge bookeeper for many large businesses which gave me a good solid back ground for the purchasing and suppervising of products to be used to bring my designs to reality . Plus i love the smell of fresh cut wood in the morning lol so i can take your project from the framing stage thru ruff electrical and pluming to full completion with furniture , art, and colors ..


remodel _ mediterianian style

Front entry doors are metel with a black finish and iron detailing. The floors are porcelain 24x24 tiles and the stairs are mahagany with an espresso finish and custom iron railings. The ...

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