26th September 2019

“Estilo decided to move its facilities at a time when there was a change in both the economic cycle and in the paradigm of the retail customer experience, and so reflection was needed on the business model. Since the company Estilo Mobiliario y Contract is forever committed to innovation, it entrusted architect Sergio Rojo with the design of its new facilities. Firstly, a singular location was chosen within the new intermodal station of the city of Logroño, a cosmopolitan place, a hub prepared to fully enter into the global market. Secondly, the space was conceived, not as a mere furniture distributor, but as a mixed place with spaces for events, exhibitions, training rooms, coworking, meetings, offices and even catering. The aspects that clearly determined the choice of materials were, on one hand, the unique building architecture, and, on the other hand, the flexibility of the plan for a 500 m2 space that had to cater for different hybrid uses. The incorporation of 2tect2 vinyl flooring was naturally contextualised in this environment. This flooring has characteristics that already make it attractive for flexible use and high traffic, such as its elegance, robustness or not requiring maintenance. But to all these advantages, we can also add its easy handling, which allows any workman to obtain perfect monolithic installation. The seams are invisible, and once installed, you can see how the tiles provide a comfortable user experience.” - Sergio Rojo


ABOUT SERGIO ROJO ESTUDIO Sergio Rojo is committed to innovative de

sign. Some of his projects appeared in international publications such as Dezeen, Frame, Domus and Diario Design.












ABOUT THIS PROJECT Client: Estilo Mobiliario y Contract Location: Intermodal Station, Logroño, Spain Installation: 300 m² - 3,230 ft² of Planet Tiles Installed: Q1 2019



ABOUT 2TEC2 2tec2 is a woven vinyl flooring that has been engineered for high traffic locations such as workspaces, hospitality, public spaces, healthcare and retail. Therefor it is extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time, shockproof stain resistant, acoustic, waterproof and 100% cleanable. Environmental efforts make 2tec2 suitable for projects built according to BREEAM and LEED.


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