Would you like to transform your client’s outdoor space into an exclusive wellness spa? COVID-19 dramatically increased anxiety and stress levels, depriving many of much needed spa and wellness retreats while lockdowns limited people's options to spend time outdoors. Aquatica, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of therapeutic bathtubs recently introduced the perfect spa solution for luxury homes, a beautiful 4-seater hydromassage hot tub. The Downtown Spa series feature a compact exterior combined with a spacious interior, allowing four adults to comfortably soak in style in ergonomically designed lounge chair seating with soft built-in headrests. Easy to install and use, the Downtown Spa is one of the best modern hot tubs for luxury homeowners. 


Aquatica Downtown spa


World-Class Spa & Wellness Technology 

Your clients will definitely appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a therapeutic wellness treatment anytime in their private hydromassage hot tub. This life-changing spa product offers numerous healing benefits, such as relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and muscle pain. 


Aquatica Spa Downtown



The Downtown Spa is equipped with 32 hydro-massage jets, 12 air massage jets and back massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™). These high-tech wellness features deliver a powerful whirlpool massage along the entire back, from cervical to lumbar. Aquatica’s integrated Chromotherapy LED-powered lighting system creates the most relaxing ambiance, allowing bathers to completely switch off and forget about their worries. Chromotherapy can also reduce swelling, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and accelerate open wound healing. Each color in the program has different characteristics, and bathers can select a specific light show to suit their mood.


Aquatica Downtown

Choose The Best Hot Tub Exterior To Match Your Outdoor Space

All Aquatica spas are equipped with world-class wellness technology, a robust stainless-steel structure with a 25 year warranty, and a durable DurateX™ tub shell with a warranty of up to 10 years. Clients can choose from five different styles of Downtown Hot Tubs to fulfill your design needs. Let’s take a look at the options:

⦁    Inground Spa
If you're looking for an easily accessible outdoor spa, then take a look at the Downtown Inground Spa, one of the best 4-person hot tubs on the market for accessibility and versatility. The Downtown Inground Spa is easy to get in and out of, making it a popular hot tub choice for older people, families or individuals who struggle with mobility. This built-in spa pool can perfectly complement almost any outdoor setting, permanently enhancing the value and overall appearance of the outdoor space. It also includes more jets and high-tech features than most other inground spas on the market, which tend to lack hydrotherapy technology and can only integrate a small amount of jets. 


Spa Downtown Aquatica



⦁    DurateX™
If you're designing an outdoor space for a contemporary home, you should consider The Downtown Hot Tub with the DurateX™ one piece cabinet, a proprietary light-weight glass-carbon composite. This durable material is easy-to-clean and will maintain its natural surface shine and original color for many years. Combining DurateX™ technology with state-of-the-art marine grade gelcoats, enables us to guarantee against micro-cracking or other surface defects for 10 years of intensive use. DurateX™ boasts exceptional UV, blush, chemical & blister resistance (bromine and chlorine water) and  is also capable of withstanding air and water temperature variations. 


Aquatica Spa Downtown BIM



⦁    Thermory Natural Wooden Siding
Are you working on a project in the countryside? The Aquatica Downtown Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding is the best choice for a lakeside or forest setting. Featuring a stunning cabinet made of real solid wood, the hot tub's wooden aesthetics complements the natural beauty of the great outdoors. This is one of the best spa hot tubs for nature lovers and eco-conscious consumers, as the thermally treated wood is sourced only from sustainable forests. The wood undergoes a special chemical-free modification with steam, making sure it is completely non-toxic, and does not need to be handled as hazardous waste. 


Thermory Natural Wooden Spa Aquatica



⦁    Maridur® 
If you're designing an outdoor space for a yacht or seaside property, you should consider the Downtown Spa with Maridur siding, a premium moisture-resistant material. Made in Germany, this radiant white cabinet provides outstanding outdoor protection all year-round. Developed specifically for marine indoor and outdoor applications, it features high-edge stability that is both swell free and rot free. This low-maintenance material does not gather dust or dirt and is extremely easy to clean. Maridur is easy to paint and varnish, offering plenty of design opportunities, if you need a specific color to match the outdoor decor. Aquatica’s master craftsmen lacquered these beautiful contemporary panels, following processing with high gloss UV resistant polyurethane enamel. This not only provides a beautiful high-gloss appearance, but it is also guaranteed to last for years to come.


Aquatica Maridur Spa Downtown



⦁    Infinity 
Are you searching for that wow-factor to impress your clients? The Downtown Infinity Hot Tub with a magical vanishing edge is guaranteed to do the trick! This innovative infinity system is designed to overflow continuously, while simultaneously heating the water to the perfect temperature. An integrated surge tank allows the overflow of the Downtown Infinity hot tub spas to operate in a closed circuit. The surge tank collects displaced water when additional bathers enter the hot tub. The water overflows into the decorative channel surrounding the rim of the infinity hot tub. If a person leaves the spa, the water from the balancing tank flows back inside. 


Infinity Spa Aquatica

Hot Tub Accessories- A Luxury All-Weather Synthetic Leather Cover 

The Aquatica Downtown Hot Tub Cover is a smart and stylish accessory, making sure the hot tub is fully protected in all temperatures, even in the sun and snow. This high-performance product features exceptional durability combined with abrasion and stain resistance. Made of Lederplast BIOCOTE®, an innovative antimicrobial synthetic leather, this low-maintenance material is hygienic and easy-to-clean. The material’s integrated BioCote ® antimicrobial technology prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and microbes by 99.99%. This protects the cover against degradation such as staining and discoloration. This fashionable hot tub accessory is available to buy in white, black, grey and brown.


Hot Tub Aquatica Downtown

Create The Ultimate Home Spa Experience

Transform your client’s outdoor space into a world-class spa by adding extra features.

⦁    Integrated Bluetooth - Aquatica’s state-of-the-art Integrated Bluetooth Audio System sets the perfect mood for hydromassage therapy, with powerful Class D amplifier technology, weather-resistant pop-up speakers, and an integrated subwoofer. The system can be connected to a phone or computer via Bluetooth from any music app.


Home Spa Aquatica Downtown



⦁    Auxiliary Water Chiller-Heater - The Auxiliary Water Chiller-Heater allows homeowners to use the spa anytime of the year, easily adjusting the temperature to suit your needs and the weather outside. The eco-efficient MODBUS protocol based air pump offers a wide range of between -23°F to 109.4°F (-5°C to 43°C) .

⦁    The Aromatherapy Package - The soothing perfume canister is plumbed into the air blower system, heating the air and releasing relaxing fragrances from specially-infused beads. Aromatherapy treats a wide array of mental and physical issues from stress and anxiety, to headaches and digestive issues. 


Aromatherapy Aquatica



⦁    Electrical System For Yachts - The Downtown Spa can be installed on a yacht or luxury cruise liner. The hot tub can be permanently plumbed in and equipped with automatic electronic filling and super-fast draining.


Yachts Spa Aquatica



⦁    Pneumatic Bathtub and Spa Elevator - This cleverly designed elevator provides fast and easy access to all internal electrical and plumbing parts. The Pneumatic Bathtub & Spa Elevator makes servicing and maintenance a simple and stress-free experience. 


Spa Elevator Aquatica Downtown



⦁    Aquatica Professional ServicesWe can dispatch one of our experienced engineers or technicians to your project location to train your plumber, and oversee the installation process. This provides peace of mind, by ensuring the hot tub is installed correctly. 


Professional Services Spa Aquatica



Explore Aquatica’s entire collection of luxury hydromassage outdoor spas and freestanding solid surface bathtubs. Discover the Aquatica Professional Trade Program with great deals and discounts for builders, designers, architects, home stagers, contractors & plumbers. 



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