LEVANTE is the new Roda’s collection of outdoor teak furniture designed by Piero Lissoni.
The meticulous and authentic styling of all the items in this collection will grace any home or garden or outdoor environment, be it a designated dining area or simply a space intended for leisure and relaxation.


Though reminiscent of a certain classic type of outdoor furniture, the Levante collection is also highly contemporary. The styling is not only reassuring for those seeking a classic look, but also meets the requirements of those looking for furniture designed for the typical settings and environments of today’s world.
The table, available in two sizes to welcome additional guests, has a top made with wide framed staves, and can be combined with armchairs. The enveloping comfort of the seats is boosted by the softness of the cushions, which can be coordinated and personalized thanks to a wide range of fabrics, including new high-quality ecological acrylic textiles (obtained 50% from recycled fibers and generated by workmanship that utilizes less water and fewer chemical products).

Levante 001 armchair
Levante 007














The Levante family also includes a lounge chair and a classic chaise longue, both folding to better organize time and space, including settings with greater privacy.

Levante 008


Solid construction and functional quality, at the service of beauty, which for Roda become an expression of the craftsmanship and skill of Made in Italy design




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