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09/14 - 04 - 2019


Reviewing interior design in relation to light: and light is the leitmotif of the latest Flou 2019 developments. Delicate and oneiric, it is a light that defines the spaces and marks the transition from intimate, cozy nocturnal situations to peaceful, joyful daytime atmospheres. A light that satisfies the desire to seek shelter in a reassuring cocoon yet beckons to hospitality, sharing and socializing. In this light, white is the protagonist and, combined with exciting splashes of color, it creates ambiences and situations that express energy, vitality and joy.

Light and color 

A white space interrupted by brush strokes in forest green and pumpkin orange, the basic colors of the 2019 Flou collection. It is not the minimalist stark white of past decades but interprets a new exhibition concept in which the design matrix is clearly identifiable, original and not standardized. This white platform contributes to exalt the intrinsic value of the products, to interrupt the continuous progression of grays and blacks, to balance hues and shades, to enhance the consistency of fabrics and highlight 

the elegance of the details and the finishes: a new, dynamic and surprising ‘bright experience’. The neutral shell frames the furnishing solutions where freshness, vitality and colors create a delightful mood that reflects personalities and allows people to identify with it.


Design Carlo Colombo

One of the immediately recognizable characteristics of Koi is its simple harmony. Its softness and generous shape are expressed through its name; in Japanese, Koi means loyalty and love, the fundamental principles that inspired my design.

A double-size bed with clean, sharp lines; it immediately suggests the idea of discretely charming, and not ostentatious, luxury. The original and architectonic shape of the headboard, framed by the eye-catching metal structure that continues downwards to form the feet, is softened by the fabrics that have been skillfully stitched with vertical quilting. This decorative addition appears to elongate the bed and contributes to the creation of a design that is welcoming and sophisticated. 

Available in the double-size version; it can be supplied with a slatted base, a storage base, a slatted base with electric movements, and the new base Leonardo. The covers in fabric or leather are completely removable. Decorative details of the headboard are available in polished black nickel or matt burnished.





flou KOI 3
flou KOI 2


















Design flou

The Leonardo System indicates a true ‘change of pace’ in the 40 years of Flou’s sleep culture. It was developed to satisfy the desire to rediscover the value of hand-made items from days gone by, and its strong points are the prestigious craftsmanship and the natural fibers of hemp, horse hair, cotton, cashmere.

A luxury collection, exclusively Made in Italy, that includes four elements – the bed base, the mattress, the top mattress and the pillow. They work in perfect harmony and respond to the need for support, ergonomics and elasticity, while ensuring superior comfort. 

The Leonardo System will be presented in exclusive spaces in the showrooms of authorized retailers. The potential customers can ‘immerse’ themselves in an experience that is emotional, tactile, visual and olfactive, where they will feel they are in a real bedroom – somewhere designed with esthetic beauty, wellness and unequalled comfort being the essential ingredients.


flou leonardo 1

BASE. The structure in fir multilayer and covered in cotton fabric guarantees elasticity. The two upper layers of biconical springs and isolated springs provide support and ergonomics. It can be used with all compatible beds of the Flou range. 

MATTRESS. “100% organic”, it is a masterpiece of crafting and luxury, emphasized by the hand-stitching on the two resting surfaces and on the sides. The ergonomic block – two layers of isolated springs and two of micro-springs – is enclosed in luxurious symmetrical padding on the two sides, in horse hair, cotton, hemp, latex and cashmere. The stratification and volume of the padding have been studied to best satisfy the support requirements for the body weight. Three different degrees of firmness are available: soft, medium, firm. 

TOP MATTRESS. This element does not ‘adjust the mattress’ but is an essential component of the Leonardo system. It is the only one of its kind currently on the market; it has a core of horse hair positioned between two layers of latex. There is a layer of cashmere on one side for the colder winter months and hemp on the other side for the warmer periods and these guarantee maximum comfort in all seasons. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, hemp makes a major contribution to absorbing sweat and perspiration. Two layers of down (80%) and feather (20%) act as efficient heat regulators, making this bed system a cozy, snuggle-down addition to any home. 

PILLOW. The external covering is coordinated with the mattress cover and is a pied-de-poule fabric, with ‘rat-tail’ trim. The padding in hemp, cashmere and quality down (80% down and 20% feather) ensures sleep with unparalleled comfort.



Design Emanuela Garbin

When I imagined Myplace, I wanted to give shape to a thought: and the thought was to find in your space – in how you live your space – a place where you could stay and that it could be ‘your place’, somewhere comfortable, cozy, informal. It’s a place where you can find shelter after a heavy day, where you can laugh when watching a film, where you can tell a friend your secrets, be wide-eyed on hearing a piece of gossip, where you can relax and read a book, make love, explore a part of the world without moving an inch.

The sofa Myplace is the perfect reflection of the designer’s thoughts: live life with a passion. Three different depths are available to satisfy how everyone relaxes in comfort. The arrangements can be traditional linear sofas, pushed back against a wall, or spread-out like a fan, taking centerstage in the middle of a room. The seats, armrests and backrests – a total of twenty elements - can be arranged freely to create customized units. 

The tops of the Myplace coffee tables are hand-brushed cement and are irregular pentagons or hexagons. They are the perfect accessory to complement the sofa, sliding between the elements and following the curves of the compositions. 

The sofa is supplied with completely removable fabric or leather covers. 

The structure of the coffee table in matt burnished metal or polished black nickel, the top is in the unusual Velasca cement finish, available in the colors: snow white, cement grey and lava black. 

myplace 1



Design Pinuccio Borgonovo

The project is based on the idea of bringing together worlds that differ greatly from our everyday lives, such as the domestic environment and public spaces, combining in a single system concept the respective characteristics and requirements. Serious and functional shapes define the esthetics and the comfort of the product that adapts to the increasingly domestic workplace and to living spaces that are progressively less generous.

Two- or three-seater linear sofas with noble, reassuring esthetics. The clean, geometric and sharp lines are joined by the light touch of the double feet that raise it from the ground. A moderate seat depth and a compact backrest illustrate the accurate study of the proportions, to guarantee outstanding comfort. 



















Large feather cushions, that can be scattered randomly, repeat the relief stitching of the sofa’s armrests, giving the composition a distinctive, elegant and contemporary appearance. 

Two-seater (170x85 cm) or three-seater (242x85 cm), available with completely removable leather or fabric covers. The feet are supplied with a matt burnished finish.



Design Matteo Nunziati

The bench designed for Flou developed from the need for a seating unit that was suspended, aerial and that would also exalt the excellence of the company’s processing of fabrics and leathers.

The bench New Bond perfectly complements the bed from the same collection and repeats the distinctive tailor-made qualities. The padded structure rests on cylindrical metal legs and is embellished with cushions decorated by stylish exposed stitching. In the same way as the bed, the structure and cushions are anchored by belts in tone-on-tone leather or in a contrasting color - a design detail to exalt the elegance. 

Completely removable fabric or leather covers. In every version, the belts are in leather. The metal legs have a matt burnished or polished black nickel finish.




Guardaroba 16.32 “Private

Design Emanuela Garbin

Guardaroba 16.32 is evolving and with Private, it has become more attentive to detail, it takes care of your habits and the outfits in great detail, underlines your dress code, it tidies, it separates.


Private, the natural evolution of the Flou wardrobe system, stands out for the luxurious stylish interior design that pays enormous attention to esthetics, for the new methods for anchoring the fixtures, and particularly for the unlimited possibility of personalization. Private consents systematic cataloguing of the wardrobe contents in response to every personal requirement of order and classification. There are two finishes for the interiors: Light, to exalt the fabrics and the colors; Dark, to exalt the garments and the accessories. Rich versions define the drawers, completed with trays, boxes and other containers; shelves and front panels in wood or porcelain stoneware (Concrete and Licorice finishes), and in glass, with or without light fittings, to exalt the contents. The wardrobe Private is completed with two new door options: Pool and Velasca.

Pool door

Cler glass or grey reflecting glass, with a handle that runs the length of the door.

flou private 4
flou private

This door protects and screens the garments and accessories, while revealing them discreetly and elegantly.

Close-up of the shelf with pull-out trouser-rack, with a convenient shelf that serves as tray. The top is in porcelain stoneware, Concrete finish. Close-up of the unit with drawers and light, front panels and top in glass; containers in different sizes and dedicated accessories for the drawers ensure order and exalt the contents. 

The interiors of Guardaroba 16.32 Private in the new Light finish, that exalts the colors and the fabrics; they coordinate with the Velasca door in the snow white finish: the hand-brushing of the cement ensures each piece is totally unique and unrepeatable.



Velasca door 

Cement 3 mm thick: this is a resistant, solid material yet it manages to transmit softness. The hand-brushing ensures each Velasca door is totally unique and unrepeatable. Available in three colors: snow white, cement grey, Lava black – it is ideal for people who love clean lines and elegance spiced with a contemporary soul.



The 2019 textile collection is the creative interpretation of the latest fashionable trends, inspired by the elegance of gentlemen’s fabrics revisited with a contemporary twist. What results is a distinctive, elegant and decorative collection with timeless appeal, that fully reflects the Flou values.

Fabrics that are robust, with good consistency, a strong weave and a powerful appearance; however, they are flowing, soft to touch and they contrast beautifully with the lustrous, brilliant satins. The colors are strong, decisive - pumpkin orange and forest green that contrast with classical white - and, define three distinct color zones, giving rise to a unique and highly seductive scenario. The neutral shades of milky white and charcoal gray reveal new harmonies; strong colors mixed with white are original and fresh; satins have been softened by macro and micro geometries that create particularly attractive effects. 


The important weaves – Prince of Wales checks and macro geometries inspired by the raffias of Vienna – entwine with jacquard patterns and micro designs typical of the neckties. 

The sharp, gigantic geometries, softened by macro brush strokes and Toile de Jouy landscapes, also merge into false plain colors, giving rising to more original contrasts.



Design Carlo Colombo

The elements of CCCube have rational and clean shapes. The structure has been produced as an archetypal container and the base unit creates a product of sophisticated irony, a detail that astonishes and intrigues the observer. Integration of light fittings – the true leitmotif - could not be avoided in a product of the Natevo collection. Light is the protagonist that enhances everything around it.


CCCube is a wall-fixed system of modular units that can be used in both the living and sleeping quarters of the home. The units can be fitted with flap doors, drawers or left open to display the contents. They can be used individually or combined as desired to provide infinite versatility of use. The monolithic, geometric appearance is softened by LED lights that illuminate from the side that rests against the wall and from the thin metal leg that supports them, a highly functional detail that adds an enormous esthetic twist. Structure available in coffee-colored or brushed gray oak. 


Design Matteo Nunziati

Babele is both a storage unit and a lamp. The shape was inspired by the antique architecture of Yemen.

The idea was the synthesis of a multifunctional architectonic article that was technological yet elegant and timeless.

With its pleasantly rounded shape, this swivel bookcase has four horizontal shelves and vertical dividers of different depths, which were designed to store books, vases and favorite ornaments. The structure in metal and wood incorporates a central column fitted with LED lights, which, in addition to providing light, acts as the ‘axis of rotation’. Babele has apparently simple lines yet is extremely sophisticated; it is a precious furnishing accessory produced using special processes, avantgarde manufacturing techniques and with details studied to guarantee its stability.

 Structure in metal, in two finishes: anodic bronze or matt burnished, and in coffee-colored oak or brushed grey. The LED lamp can be switched on using a switch, a remote control, or with Casambi (smart lighting controlled by a smartphone or a tablet).



Design Stefano Bigi

An expression of flowing, delicate shapes, the magic of reflections in its spherical heart. The unexpected meeting of poetry and sculpture, created from wood, glass and light.

The standard lamp Ashaa is extremely eye-catching and makes a strong furnishing statement. The structure is formed by eight slim slats in curved wood; it extends upwards, surrounds and supports in the central part a crystal ball. The LED strips, inserted in the wooden slats and in the metal top, interact with the crystal to create magical and surprising lighting effects. 

 Available in coffee-colored oak or brushed grey; the sphere is clear, smoked or bronzed crystal glass. It is available in two heights: 193 cm and 245 cm, the latter is fitted with a telescopic metal tip for ceiling fitting. The lamp can be switched on using a foot pedal or with Casambi (smart lighting controlled by a smartphone or a tablet).



Design Pinuccio Borgonovo

The quest for a shape that immediately translates into the sensation of comfort, exploiting important dimensions and emphasizing the clear references to the past.

Thanks to its sinuous shape, the chair Briscola beautifully complements any type of table. Comfort is guaranteed by the base and the backrest, consisting of a single foamed shell that matches any style. The pleasantly rounded lines contrast with the sharp cut of the upholstery, creating a stylish chair that was unmistakably inspired by the world of automobiles. Tailored details soften the sharpness of the metal structure. 

The cover of the backrest and seat in fabric or leather is completely removable. The metal structure is available with a matt burnished, anodic bronze and matt greige finish.

briscola 2
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