Horm presents WIN YOUR DESIGN, a contest for architects and interior designer who are asked to submit by December 20, 2021 an interior design project (real or conceptual) of a residential or commercial environment.

The brand is offering a shopping voucher worth € 30,000 (excluding VAT) to be used for the purchase of its products,
The projects will be evaluated by a jury of experts in architecture and interior design composed by

  • Fabio Novembre
  • Roberto Palomba
  • Karim Rashid


The decision to hold this competition represents an opportunity not only for designers but also for Horm, a brand curious to explore the visions of new environments created by architects and interior designers from around the world. 

The artistic direction of the brand wants to identify talents, enrich the dimension of the product and collaborate with a community whose creativity has always been a source of inspiration in creating new harmonies of living.

To start designing immediately, the price list and CAD files of the products are available on the dedicated website https://winyourdesign.horm.it/.

Designers can enter the competition by sending a ZIP file through the form in the "upload" section of the Win Your Design website, also attaching a brief explanation of the concept and functional choices. In addition to the graphics, the zip file must also contain the list of Horm products used in the project and their relative cost.

The deadline for entering the contest is December 20, 2021.


The brand
HORM offers a “contemporary design” style where mediterranean, japanese, scandinavian and North American influences cohabit, as reinterpreted through the culture, passion and craftmanship of Made in Italy.
The collection is addressed to the Residential market, but undoubtedly extendible to Soft Contract. It is dedicated to an adult, educated and conscious audience, looking for and exclusive and refined marking for its ambiances, matching functionality, harmony in shape and fine materials.

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