Itlas is a company that has its legal and productive base in the municipality of Cordignano in the province of Treviso. Born in December 1988 by Patrizio dei Tos, he is an Italian exponent in the production of pre-finished wood floors. It is a subsidiary of Labor Legno.

In 1980, together with a group of partners, Lino dei Tos created Italparchetti, a company that manufactures wooden floors, directly involving its son, Patrizio, first as an agent in the new company and later as a protagonist in the '' Labor Legno snc di Dei Tos & C. '' founded in the same year following a purchase of land of 10,000 square meters in the province of Treviso part of Patrizio Dei Tos.

In 1986, thanks to the experience of Patrizio Dei Tos as a flooring agent, Labor Legno is transformed from a company producing raw sawn timber to a producer of wooden flooring.

The next year Labor Legno underwent a considerable boost turning from a s.n.c. to a s.p.a. The company, starting from its foundation, relies above all on France for the import of wood which, once transported to Italy, is sawn in Cordignano in the neighboring company of the Zarpellon brothers, to be then worked with the multilamination to obtain the raw product to be resold later to the kitchen door manufacturers, given the widespread activity in the surrounding area.

In 1988/1989, among the consumers, the wood with the greatest appeal is exotic wood. The property travels a lot looking for a good quality product. Nigeria, former Zaire, Ivory Coast, Congo and Cameroon are the countries of Africa where "Labor Legno" is present for the import of wood. The company becomes a point of reference for this type of market. Following the closure of log exports, the Zarpellon brothers were forced to sell the sawmill, which was bought by Patrizio dei Tos, who in company with his father Lino creo '' Itlas '', an acronym for Italparchetti Labor Legno Segati.

Itlas in 1990 focuses on the production of pre-finished floors, which in the early nineties were an innovation for the market. For the production of these products there were no established production techniques, but the company bases its production process on the experience gained so far.

With the start of the new millennium, Patrizio dei Tos's liquidation of Itlas's shareholders and the entry into the market of pre-finished products with two or three layers, such as the''Tavole del Piave '', '' Legni of the Doge '' and '' Assi del Cansiglio ''. From this moment onwards there is a constant growth for the company: the commercial and industrial project develops in a coherence of thought that leaves no room for compromises and which is identified in the unrivaled investment, protection and protection of the environment.

Since 2012 new projects and new horizons have been opened up for Itlas which, first on the market, first of five millimeters, then Massivi, a collection of furniture and furnishing accessories in solid oak wood designed in 2013 by the architect. Marco Casamonti and from the Studio Arche of Florence, to which in the following year prestigious friars such as those of Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas are united.




Assi del Cansiglio

Assi del Cansiglio is a large prefinished three-layer planking, ideal for floors, dropped ceiling...

Bathroom furniture


Progetto Bagno 5 Millimetri by Archea Associati. An Oak wood composition, D12 finish, with Pietra...

Bathroom furniture


Progetto Bagno 5 Millimetri by Archea Associati, combined units in Black bio–mortar with Emperado...



Legni del Doge is a prefinished two-layers planking. The exposed layer is made out of noble wood,...

Bathroom furniture


Progetto Bagno 5 Millimetri by Archea Associati. Materia Oak wood composition with Itlas Collecti...

Bathroom furniture


Progetto Bagno 5 Millimetri by Archea Associati. D06 Oak wood composition. Pietra Piasentina wash...

Bathroom furniture


Progetto Bagno 5 Millimetri by Archea Associati. D11 Oak wood composition with Itlas White Solyte...



Tavole del Piave is a large prefinished three-layer planking, designed for floors, dropped ceilin...

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