Midsummer is an Italian line of beds, mattresses, small pieces of furniture for the bedroom, pillows, blankets and linens made from the finest materials: the best woods such as oak and walnut, the best fine wools such as alpaca, cashmere, the whitest horsehair and the best silk. Combining age old manufacturing traditions and timeless design with innovationis not an easy task, but we think that we have found the correct balance.

A Midsummer bedroom fully adheres to this concept: every single object establishes an elegant dialogue with the others, as they all speak the same design language. A language that is made of precious materials, understatement and exquisite craftsmanship.

The springs at the core of the mattress are made of steel, and are pocketed individually. The 22 cm mattresses have either 3000 air system (firm), 1600 seven independent zones (medium/soft) or 800 indipendent (soft) springs. The various combinations of springs ensure the correct firmness and maximum comfort. The boxsprings are the most natural place for matresses. The boxspring is built around a frame of solid fir. A box of Bonnell springs ensures the correct elasticity. The springs are covered with a layer of coconut fiber and then padded with a layer of wool ororganic cotton. The boxspring is upholstered with a cotton lining. The legs are either solid oak or canaletto walnut.



Beating of Wings

The discreet embroidery of the leather headboard echoes the flowers of an imaginary garden. ...


Bella Rest Chair

A small yet very comfortable leather settee. It is characterized by simple, clean lines and by a ...

Sleeping area furnishing accessories

Blowing in the Wind

A leather screen, an imposing piece of furniture used to create corners of privacy.


Cashmere Couture

This headboard is definitely inspired by haute couture as it is characterized by its use of highe...

Sleeping area furnishing accessories

Orangeshade High

These are very distinctive lamps, with a soft and warm look. The interior of the shade lights up ...

Sleeping area furnishing accessories

Orangeshade Low

These are very distinctive lamps, with a soft and warm look. The interior of the shade lights up ...


Seeing Her on the Bench

A simple and very elegant bench. Sitting at the foot of the bed it is the first object you see th...


Soft to the Touch

The rich and soft cushions are curled around the headboard and rest on a precious inlay in Canale...

Low tables


An elegant end table, the ideal companion for a Midsummer bed. The simple three leg design has a ...