Ma.Vi Ceramica


MA.VI Ceramics meets tradition and innovation, presenting collections that are unique in their genre and style, following a single leitmotif: the manual skills and mastery of artisan decorators without losing contemporary styles and requirements.

MA.VI's peculiarity is precisely that of taking up the artistic and cultural heritage of Vietrese handicraft ceramics in its shapes and colours. Today, Vietrese artistic ceramics are recognised all over the world as a reflection and synthesis of their place of origin, as the result of a cultural journey, skills and technical-artistic knowledge. 

The decorations on MA.VI products are made entirely by hand, on a matt or semi-gloss base, making each piece unique. The techniques used to create the decorations are various, such as the "brushstroke" technique, characterised by the swipes of different shades of colour, highlighting the manual skill of the decorators; "sponging", a technique performed with sea sponges, gives the tile a more transparent colouring compared to the "brushstroke"; manual silk-screen printing, on the other hand, is a simpler technique, where the colour passes through a silk weave and is impressed by means of a rubber spatula on the tile while still raw, defining the decoration and stroke.



Ceramic tiles

Al Faro

Ceramic tiles design Studio 74 Ram, optical effect stripes

Ceramic tiles


Hand-decorated tiles inspired by the alphabet, blue color.

Ceramic tiles

Antichi Borghi

Ceramics inspired by the beauty of Italian villages.

Ceramic tiles


The Bauhaus collection presented by Ma.Vi ceramics bears the name of the famous Weimar art school...

Ceramic tiles


Ma.Vi Ceramica presents the Ceramicop collection created by Designer Raffaele Calvino.

Ceramic tiles

Classici 50

The Classici 50 ceramic tiles by Ma.Vi ceramica are born from the idea of re-proposing some class...

Ceramic tiles


Hand-painted decorations on ceramic, inspired by the Vietrese tradition.

Ceramic tiles

Cotto fatto a mano

Collection of terracotta tiles with decorations reminiscent of Ancient Roman sites.

Ceramic tiles


Foglie is the ceramic tile collection created by Ma.Vi Ceramica to bring a vital element of natur...

Ceramic tiles


The Geoboard line realised by Ma.Vi Ceramica is based on an idea inspired by the mathematician, p...

Ceramic tiles


The Giza collection by Ceramica is inspired by the decorative style of the Egyptians. ...

Ceramic tiles

Ma.Vi Blu

Ceramics with shades of blue, inspired by the colours of the sea and the horizon. 

Ceramic tiles


Puzzle Pidulina is the collection designed by Giuseppe Oliva and produced by Ma.Vi Ceramica. ...

Ceramic tiles


Sei is the new tile collection created by Ma.Vi Ceramica with the collaboration of Designer Ivana...

Ceramic tiles


Ceramic tile collection where straight lines and curved lines meet.

Ceramic tiles


The star, a classic and timeless decorative element, is the inspiration for this collection desig...

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