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PIETRE D'ARREDO was born in Umbria, in the green heart of the Italian peninsula, the history, the culture of stone and building, are the basis of the artisan tradition, which still shines today in the medieval villages of enchanting and eternal beauty, made by sculpting and shaping the stone. With this precious cultural background behind them, Pietre d'Arredo has invested in research and technology to offer a unique and quality product, reconstructing the material that gave life to this environment and the one that will give life to yours. Pietre d'Arredo is a brand of Colmef, which with its 40 years of experience in the construction sector, independently implements every single phase of the production chain, from the selection of the stones, useful for the realization of molds and matrices, up to the production of the same stone , passing from adhesives and putties useful for the implementation of unique products that stand out for their quality, which has always been appreciated by the most demanding designers. Respect for the environment has always been a fundamental element on which Colmef and Pietre d'Arredo have wanted to invest, by minimizing scraps it is possible to limit the collection in the quarry, to protect and respect the environment, the finished material, thanks to its lightness, it facilitates transport and installation operations, and integrates thermal insulation systems to improve living comfort by increasing the energy efficiency of the buildings created.


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Antico Mattone

Experts in construction work through the centuries have used brick as a load-bearing element. ...

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Reconstructed stone with irregular shapes and structured surfaces, every detail planned with care...

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Derived from the sandstone typical of the Bergamo valleys, the Granada series is characterized by...

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The Java series, a particular combination of limestone and marble, creates an harmonious balance ...

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The Lokon stones are distinctive for their scaled form, strongly structured and weathered in part...

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Misto Campagna

The Misto Campagna collection rediscovers the historical roots of the construction.

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Misto Umbro

The ancient building tradition which developed from the use of materials that were easy to find a...

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A composition created in warm shadows with brown elements and light accents, a harmonious geometr...

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Chipped stone strongly shaped, inserted into rectangular forms, very easy to lay. Very elegant an...

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Sedimentary rock created by nature further to the build-up and compression of fossils and rock fr...

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From the famous marble quarried in the mountains of Brescia, comes a faithful reproduction of the...

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