Novacolor was first established in 1982, in the heart of one of the most productive areas of Italy. Through the years, thanks to the intuition and creativity of the management, and to the careful selection of high quality raw materials, Novacolor expanded, thus offering architects and designers worldwide a complete assortment of textured effects and polished plasters, for interiors and exteriors, as well as wall coatings for modern or historical town settings. In 2009 Novacolor became part of the San Marco Group, a leading Italian manufacturer in the production of paints and varnishes for the professional building industry, with 7 manufacturing plants worldwide and 6 brands. Both companies benefit from the new set up, in terms of know-how and credibility worldwide, while Novacolor becomes internationally known as reference for high-end architectural coatings and interior paint effects.


“We work with passion and use our expertise to promote together with our clients successful projects in the field of design and architecture.
We do our very best: special paints and textures, high performance and innovative materials, respect for the environment, efficient and cost effective solutions, as well as technical assistance all over the world.
Our clients’ satisfaction is the fuel of our commitment, always!”


 The combination of ideas, intuition, exhaustive studies on the feasibility and development of new products, make Novacolor a reference brand worldwide and a recognized partner for renowned architectural and design studios. Today Novacolor is represented in over 50 countries and is proud of its cooperation with prestigious international partners.

Research & Development Made in Italy

Targeted investments in development, research and technology, in depth and in situ analysis, ground-breaking attitude towards design, together with a strong and committed internal organization, make Novacolor one of the biggest players in the world of architectural design and a trendsetter in the textured paint segment.

Novacolor decorative solutions:

> Use of organic and high-quality raw materials;

> Products with low environmental impact;

> Enhancement of the surface as a “piece of art”;

> Creativity, R&D, cutting-edge products;

> Colours and textures that set trends.

R&D, the real "engine" of the company, a team of extremely qualified technicians specialized in the creation of new decorative effects, research of better performing raw materials, brand new applications techniques and creative textures. A certified quality standard is ensured at all manufacturing levels. The company also enjoys a highly organized sales and marketing team. The attitude of the management and a quality-oriented approach, along with the pro-active involvement of the whole team, make Novacolor a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Novacolor Green Approach: Design and Wellbeing

Novacolor is extremely sensitive towards environmental issues. As a result, the company has made significant progress in recent years by reducing the carbon footprint of the products but especially of the manufacturing facilities. Both the product formulation and the manufacturing process are driven by a conscious green approach. Novacolor manufactures and distributes innovative materials worldwide, with a very low release of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). In addition, the company is strategically committed to the analysis of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of all products. LCA studies the whole life cycle of a product and its environmental impact. Novacolor decorative textures make the environment unique and elegant while contemporarily improving our life standards.


Ideas as absolute value. Ideas create a direct connection with the client. This is why Novacolor is a customer oriented company and “Customer Service” is of primary relevance for us. Novacolor is an extremely dynamic company, with a very dedicated team, demonstrating great passion for its work and expertise at all levels.

High competence and know-how contribute to improving the working standards of people and companies. Novacolor not only sells and distributes products worldwide: the company is committed to offering full training to clients to ensure the proper use of its decorative w


Decorative finishes


Decorative architectural trowel-on coating with silk effects, available in 15 ready colors. ...

Decorative finishes


A gently metallic texture for interiors, with soft pearl effects.  

Decorative finishes

Antiche Patine

Fase silossanica for velatura in synthetic and siloxane surfaces.  

Decorative finishes

Archi+ Big

Mineral plaste coat in powder with big grain.

Decorative finishes

Archi+ Concrete

Mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors and exteriors, for cement effects.  

Decorative finishes

Archi+ Tadelakt

  Archi + Tadelakt

Decorative finishes


An interior mineral decorative coating  

Decorative finishes

Concrete by Novacolor

Anti-algae acrylic-siloxane fine plaster coating for exteriors

Decorative finishes

Design Pieces

Design Pieces is the new signature collection by Novacolor, that puts together architectural elem...

Decorative finishes


Decorative architectural trowel-on coating with stunning metallic patterns.

Decorative finishes

Dune Opaco

Dune Opaco is a finish for interior decoration, based on charges with a faintly metallized opaque...

Decorative finishes

Eclat_Wall Painting

Decorative coating for exterior with metallic effects  


Era a Pennello – Lime Paint

“Latte di calce” paint made with seasoned lime for interiors and exteriors.

Decorative finishes

Luce_Wall Painting

Luce_Wall Painting is a finish for interior decoration based on metallic charges, selected charge...

Decorative finishes

Marmorino KS

Mineral lime-based finish for smoothing and finishing with a satin effect for interiors and exter...

Decorative finishes

Marmur Fine

Lime-based trowel coating with marble powder for interiors and exteriors.

Decorative finishes

Marmur Medio

Lime-based trowel coating with marble powder for interiors and exteriors.



Matt water-based paint for interiors. Low emission of volatile compounds, no formaldehyde and add...

Decorative finishes


Metallo_Fuso is a decorative coating for interior vertical surfaces, made from selected metal all...

Decorative finishes


Decorative coating with rust effect, for interiors and exteriors.  

Decorative finishes


Faux finish for interiors and exteriors with stone or “ancient patina" effect

Decorative finishes


Textured metallic decorative finish for interiors, available as silver and gold base.

Decorative finishes


Intonachino decorativo a base di calce con effetti oro, argento e bronzo per interni ed esterni. ...

Decorative finishes


Decorative coating for interiors, with gold, silver, and pearl metallic patterns 

Microcement floorings


Seamless system for the decoration of walls and floors.

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