Dooor is the project of a young entrepreneur who decided to make use of the experience gained in the family business, a company specialising in the production of folding doors that was founded by his grandfather in 1962.

The folding door made its debut in the 50s, inspired by the ideas of various architects on modern housing: it is a furnishing accessory that can be used to open up, divide or screen off an indoor area according to the desired layout.

The Dooor brand’s collection of folding doors maintains these unique functional features while broadening its aesthetic horizons, thanks to new printing techniques and the use of high-tech cladding materials.

The result is an architectural element with a minimalist look that connects spaces seamlessly, but which is also decorative and capable of adding a distinctive and highly individual touch to the rooms in which they are used.

Dooor is a new brand that combines tradition and vision, pragmatism and passion, simplicity and innovation, practicality and elegance. Dooor’s future is a blank canvas waiting to be filled, just like its folding doors.


Textile door

Bilateral opening

It allows you to make use of the whole space, with its characteristic double passage. When used f...

Textile door

Centred central opening

It’s appropriate for large rooms, creating a central passageway which varies according to require...

Textile door

Curved track

Tracks may be curved (with a minimum curve radius of 600 mm) to give the door a sinuous silhouett...

Textile door

Decentred central opening

It responds to specific requirements of the space where it is installed. 

Textile door

Lateral opening

Ideal for small, narrow spaces, but also used for the division of large ones.

Textile door

Multiple opening

It permits maximum versatility and practicality, designed to complement all the systems described...

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