Diesel Living with Berti



Warm and natural essence of living.

Berti is one of the main companies in the national and international wood flooring sector. Company's activity is based on two different (but combined) cornerstones: productive department and supply and distribution through a shops franchise. Berti's family, the company's founders, Mr. Giancarlo and his wife Rosanna and their sons Matteo, Andrea and Massimo have always been very careful to market's evolutions. Berti parquet, excellent finish wood flooring 100% Italian made, tastings and different atmospheres with a wide variety of styles.


Diesel Living with Berti

It is the result of the research and the innovation on the transformation and treatment of materials applied on a collection of wooden floors, where several lay outs and finishings turn each location in a 100% Diesel space. We treat wood like a fabric. With the application of special dyes and treatments, evocative prints and special textures the wooden floor turn into a soft and transformable surface with an outstanding metamorphosis. Creating a customized environment, friendly with the inhabitant’s experience.




A contemporary look with a classical geometrical composition and layout given by a shadowing effe...



Stud Tiles gathers the luxury proposal of DIESEL LIVING. Wooden tiles characterized by geometrica...


Treated Canvas

The wood takes strength and uniqueness thanks to these TREATED CANVAS textures, downloadable in B...



Working on the perfect chromatisms is a must for Diesel: Indigo, the typical Denim colour, paints...



Grey, the “industrial” colour par exellence, is a strong base for interiors as it is also the con...

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