Ceramiche Refin was founded in 1962, and since then it has offered the market a wide range of porcelain stoneware solutions that are ideal for both private homes and the world of design in general. Today Refin is a brand recognized and appreciated internationally thanks to its commitment to technological innovation and aesthetic research, guaranteeing levels of excellence in the products offered and in the production process, subjected to strict quality control procedures. Made in Italy is not just a question of style for Refin, but represents a production model in which expressiveness and work ethic, aspects deriving from our history and culture, distinguish the Italian manufacturing tradition. Eco-sustainability is another theme at the heart of Refin, which has always recycled 100% of the water used in the production process and 100% of processing waste.


Ceramic floors


Affrescati by Refin is a reinterpretation of the concrete effect on porcelain stoneware, availabl...

Ceramic tiles


Artech represents one of Refin's most innovative collections, designed for modern and refined env...

Ceramic tiles


Inspired by the ancient mountain huts, completely covered in wood typical of the alpine areas, Ba...

Ceramic tiles


Blended is a line of Refin tiles, available in different shades, from white to dark through beige...

Ceramic tiles


Block is inspired by concrete, in this elegant line proposed by Refin the crushed stone and stone...

Ceramic tiles


Bricklane is a collection made up of innovative surfaces, able to adapt to both modern and classi...


Canal Grande

The Canal Grande collection with its vintage accent is inspired by the history and charm of Venic...



Cortina is a collection of wood-effect porcelain stoneware inspired by the characteristic essence...



Creos coatings reduce sensations of softness and depth.

Ceramic tiles


Deck is a line of porcelain stoneware coverings inspired by the essence of oak.


Design Industry

Design Industry is the new multi-material collection that combines the urban context with contemp...

Ceramics for coverings


Essence is a balanced and elegant collection proposed by Refin, inspired by natural stones of Cen...



Feel collection encompasses tactile sensations while maintaining the traditional concrete concept...

Ceramic tiles


Inspired by the traditional Venetian terrazzo, composed of fragments of marble, stones, natural o...

Interior coatings


The Foil collection by Refin, made of grès, declines different metallic materials with new aesthe...

Ceramic tiles


The Fossil collection by Refin is a reinterpretation of prehistoric footprints, the pattern used ...



From the collaboration between Studio FM Milano and DesignTaleStudio, Rein's ceramic experimentat...

Ceramic tiles


Larix is the wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection proposed by Refin, its warm appearance, c...

Ceramic tiles


Mansion evokes the value of hand-worked wood, the restoration of ancient boards and the marks lef...

Ceramic tiles


Mold is the new collection of ceramics proposed by Refin, the collection is characterized by aggl...

Interior coatings

Pedra Azul

The Pedra Azul collection by Refin offers a wide range of shades and sizes able to match any type...

Ceramics for coverings

Pietre dei borghi

Pietre dei Borghi is inspired by stones of limestone origin, among the most used in the history o...

Facade coverings


Plain by Refin is a collection of cement coatings, born from the analysis of the material in this...

Ceramic tiles


Plant by Refin is a collection made with a new material, a hybrid of industrial matrix, with a st...

Interior coatings


Play is the new collection of grès tiles proposed by Refin, a wide range of color shades allow yo...



Prestigio di Refin is a collection of marbles from the most renowned Italian and European quarrie...


Prestigio Onyx

Prestigio Onyx is the new collection proposed by Refin, which reinterprets and reinvents onyx in ...


Prestigio Travertino

Prestigio Travertino interprets vein-cut, where the stone block is cut following the veins. ...

Ceramic tiles


Risseu is a collection inspired by the cobblestone pavements typical of parvises and urban garden...

Ceramic tiles


From the erosive action of water, the River collection by Refin is born, an elegant line of cover...

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