Canal Grande

Download 3D Texture Refin Canal Grande

The Canal Grande collection with its vintage accent is inspired by the history and charm of Venice. Observing vintage motorboats and Venetian taxis made of mahogany, Refin has translated the main qualities of this wood by developing an intense aesthetic to convey three-dimensionality and depth.

Three colours are available in the palette: Rubino, a shade in which a dominant red is perceived, ideal for defining refined surfaces; Noce, a light brown, luminous and versatile; Moro, a dark and enveloping shade.

Canal Grande is available in two formats: the first, 75X150 in all colours with Soft finish and also Glossy; the second 25X150 in all colours with Soft finish. The series is complete thanks to the decorations: Club with its geometric style enhanced by the metal insert and the Onda mosaic characterised by its elegant retro style.

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