Set up in 2001, in Prato in the heart of Tuscany, the Italian company Decobel is a benchmark for the national and international market of luxury textiles. Innovating a tradition that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, Decobel, headed by art director Gabriele Guidoni, creates new fabrics in line with contemporary taste, standing out constantly for their timeless elegance and craftsmanship ‘Made in Italy’.


Decobel makes unique products, conceived as refined soft furnishing fabrics for luxury private homes and the world of contract and hotels. The articles have unmistakable expressive force, the result of alchemy between the excellence of their details and innovative weaving techniques. A sophisticated interpretation of Made in Italy that teams understated colours and trompe l’oeil effects, capturing flashes of light and colouring the mood with prestigious appeal. The added value of Decobel is its production capacity, which distinguishes it from the classic figure of the textile editor: producer/editor dialogue becomes in-house communication and most of the articles are manufactured on the company’s own looms. This allows us to personally control and guarantee each and every stage of production and editing, from purchase of the yarn to sophisticated finishing techniques. Another advantage of being a producer is that we can offer clients a practically infinite range of colours, thanks also to customisation options for agreed minimum quantities. The excellence of Decobel has established its brand name, known and used by the most famous interior designers, architects and decorators in projects that harmoniously combine value, aesthetics and practicality.


OUR VALUES when craftsmanship meets contemporary luxury PASSION FOR CRAFTSMANSHIP Every Decobel creation is the highest expression of artisan knowhow, a new concept of luxury that merges tradition, history, elegance and a unique style. Handprocessed fabrics and velvets adorn the most exclusive of furnishings with a constantly new reworking of elegance. THE EXCELLENCE OF MADE IN ITALY Decobel helps to create the Made in Italy brand, combining bespoke craftsmanship with the experience of one of the most important textile manufacturing districts, renowned worldwide. QUALITY AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN Rich, refined elegance that embraces today’s luxury: Decobel soft furnishings feature the excellence of fine materials and the perfection of details.  Bespoke production and a complete range of tailor-made solutions for total home decor. INNOVATION AND EMOTION Decobel narrates the world of textiles and their timeless beauty with a savoir faire based on feelings that never ignores the importance of research, technological analysis of the materials and weaving, making innovation an inherent part of the company’s philosophy.




55%VI 19%CO 15%PL 9%PC 2%MD With a plaited motif, on SMOOTH base, a viscose velvet



100% polyester velvet, for easy stain removal and machine washable at 30°C



Caravaggio is a plain 100% cotton velvet that rounds out the velvet collection Its upright pile m...



55%CO 16%PL 10%PU 19%PC With its "Y" patter, on CARAVAGGIO base, a cotton velvet



61%LI 32%PU 7%PL With pattern circe, on TROFEO base, a linen fabric



52%PL 30%PU 18%PC With a cube design, on ANDROMEDA base, a  polyester velvet



90% wool 10% polyester, available in 27 different colours, fireproof and medium weight (800 g / m...



100%PL TREVIRA CS A diamond design, on TREVEL  base, a velvet in TREVIRA CS



56%CO 20%PL 13%PC 7%PU 4%M A diamond design, on SIGNORIA base, a cotton velvet



45%WO 23%PL 23%PC 9%PU With its geodetic patterns, on FELTRO base, a wool felt



55%LI 30%PU 9%PC 6%PL Square pattern, on VESTA base, a 100% linen fabric


Old Type

56%CO 20%PL 13%PC 7%PU 4%M With rod shapes, on SIGNORIA base, a cotton velvet



A more modern variant of WISTERIA fabric, Sand is a cotton satin with a matt appearance.



100%CO, in 37 colours



Smooth is a plain viscose velvet, heavy with a silk look and feel, long thick soft pile and an ex...



TREVEL is a piece dyed velvet in trevira.

Furniture fabrics


TROFEO 1028 TROFEO is a very modern, structured, heavy linen with a soft natural handle.

Furniture fabrics


VESTA 1027 is a heavy and modern linen, with a soft natural handle.

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