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Quadro is a young and dynamic company – managed by young people too – born with the necessity to offer solutions rather than products. We innovate because we choose to combine noble and sophisticated materials such as stainless steel together with an essential, timeless, archetypal design.

Recyclable materials are preferred as more durable and environment-friendly, and all are subject to stringent quality controls.

Sustainability policy
The use of a noble raw material such as stainless steel aisi304 and aisi316L, the flow regulators aerators Perlator® honeycomb, carton neutral packages are some of the various product components that guarantee the respect of the environment in which we all live in.

Aesthetics and Design
Sustainable products must be purposive. The timeless archetypal design of Hans Thyge Raunkjaer and Studio Adolini includes their useful intuitively operable functions and the enduring of quality of materials.

Products certifications
Quadro products are certified according to main internationally relevant testing and inspecting standards regarding product safety and functional integrity.




Various accessories, water-jet spouts, concealed elements, wastes… All the products you need to c...

Bathroom taps


HB traces back the memory of a pencil stroke on a sheet of paper, where every project is born. Th...

Bathroom taps

Idealaqua inox

Idealaqua series represents at best Quadro’s success story. This system has completely revolution...

Kitchen taps


The use of stainless steel has always been our company’s key strenght.

Bathroom taps


Levo is a bathroom series in AISI316L Stainless steel. Its shape and functionality is skinned to ...

Bathroom taps


Modo, with its deep moon-shaped slots, is studied and offered for a more ergonomic and precise fl...

Bathroom taps


The Ottavo shape is inspired by a natural drop of water in free fall. Exalted in the forms by the...

Bathroom taps


Formal essentiality, attention to detail and advanced technological solutions.

Bathroom accessories

Shower accessories

A series of accessories for shower.

Bathroom taps


The essential design meets functionality. The simplest and most minimal shapes give to the range ...

Bathroom taps


Stereo, inspired by the classic handles of the Hi-Fi stereos that have delivered our music before...

Bathroom taps

Valvola 01

All the charm of the industrial taps with the typical hydraulic and gas ball valves are the inspi...

Bathroom taps

Valvola 02

All the charm of the industrial taps with the typical hydraulic and gas ball valves are the inspi...

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