RIDEA is a Radiatori 2000 SpA trademark, part of the FECS Group, a leading Italian industrial holding company in the field of production of high-quality aluminium products after a direct transformation of metallic raw materials, recovered, treated and finally valued.

Thanks to the different companies, in collaboration with leading Italian research centres and architectural firms support, the group boasts a unique circular production cycle seeking to create efficient products starting from simple recycled scrap, contributing so to transform the classic radiator concept from service element to design complement.

A wide range of high performance hydraulic and electrical thermal solutions that meet the most demanding users’ needs in terms of energy efficiency and interior design trends without underestimating the environmental responsibility, the main company’ mission.

A sustainable culture is implemented thanks to the decision to build radiators’ collections entirely in recycled aluminium with low environmental impact: from scraps we create lighter and higher thermal performance finished goods using ecological paints.


Ridea - Othello collection

Radiators and decorative radiators

Othello Zenith

Innovation and flexibility of installation are some of the main features of this mono column extruded aluminum radiator, able to guarantee a considerable thermal output.

Radiators and decorative radiators

Othello Mono Slim

Essential, linear, functional, this towel rail takes the typically high thermal output of its collection into small and medium size bathrooms.

Radiators and decorative radiators

Othello Plate Slim

Versatile, elegant and modular, this version of Othello is available in several dimensions and proportions making it ideal for any solution: below the window or for the full-height wall, ...

Radiators and decorative radiators

Othello Twin Slim

This is an extruded aluminum radiator defined by determined forms that comes out from the synthesis of technology and aesthetic quality; it is suitable for the various domestic rooms and ...

Ridea - Classic collection

Radiators and decorative radiators

Flower Power

A sculpture, a furnishing complement. The design joined together to the functionality, an emblematic shape: a circle inside another circle, an eye, a virtual window over the infinite. ...

Radiators and decorative radiators


A new concept of towel-rails, defined by tense lines, spaces which cover with essential elegance your workaday life, “dressed” with your own clothes, customized, lived, every day differen...

Radiators and decorative radiators


Be reflected in something similar to you, inside a new dimension able to diffuse heat, and spread your style and personality.

Radiators and decorative radiators


Essential, “less is more”, because in the design taking away and giving up is often an enrichment rather than a deprivation.

Ridea - Piano collection

Radiators and decorative radiators

Piano Plain

Simplicity, linearity and refinement: these are the keywords that best describe Piano Plain: a radiator that is able to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of many and goes well with all ty...

Radiators and decorative radiators

Piano Move

The perfect encounter between chaos and order: where everything comes to life.

Ridea - Extrò collection

Radiators and decorative radiators

Extrò S

Entirely made from recycled aluminum, Extró is the world’s largest extruded radiator.

Radiators and decorative radiators

Extrò E

The peculiar rounded shape of the Extró surface is enhanced, in E version, by horizontal cuts towel-rails; what was born to be a function, lives in this radiator as an aesthetic imperativ...