Savona, Italy - Savona Port Authority - 2007 - 15000 sm - second stage second prize

The Harbor Authority of Savona indexes an international competition in two phases.

Our proposal, selected for the second phase together with other 5 out of about 500 presentations, reflects on the problem of a double scale design: that of the horizons and that of proximity. We thought of a large open room, an element of connection and at the same time of construction of the limit between the coast and the sea, a sign of demarcation and the connection of different settlement structures.

Bodies and surrounding open spaces relate morphologically and orographically to the precious context, constituting as a whole the expression of a single system that recreates paths, feeds visual perspectives, reorganises hierarchically and leads to a significant relationship between the disconnected elements.

Monday, June 11, 2018 - 15:53

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