Miano, Italy - Aedes Spa - in collaboration with SPI - 2009 - 18000 sm

An important company in the field of Real Estate organizes an invitation competition on the theme of functional, urban and architectural redevelopment of a block located between Corso Buenos Aires and Via Petrella, in Milan.

We participate in partnership with SPI. The proposed project consists of three main parts: 1 - the external building curtain, the result of partial demolition and new construction, re-proposes road alignment and introduces an element of spatial disconuity through the large portal; 2 - the internal courtyard, a real pedestrian square towards which the hanging gardens and the internal fronts face; 3 - the hotel tower, a solution linked to the recovery of demolished SLP, and a new element of urban recognition.

Following a process of linguistic simplicity, of structure-volume order, of clarity of exposition of urban values, a "constructible" project was proposed. And, in fact, nothing was done. But the problem of that place remains.


Monday, June 11, 2018 - 15:32

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