Terminal 3, IGI Airport

Terminal 3, IGI Airport
One of the prime infrastructural projects in New Delhi, the new TERMINAL 3 (T3) at the INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL (IGI) AIRPORT is designed with many unique landscape features. Odyssey was awarded the Hardscape and Water Features work for this iconic project. HARDSCAPE The Scope of Work under Hardscape included 858 Movable Planter Boxes, 750 RMT of Fixed Planters in Steel Grey Granite, a Landscape Deck and Planter Benches. The Movable Planter Boxes are completely self-sufficient and drip-free, equipped with a HDPE tray, Pond Liner and a slotted Galvanized Mild Steel (GMS) Framework. The GMS framework was clad with Steel Grey Granite, Sapphire Brown Granite and Tan Brown Granite. The slotted framework enabled flexibility with the height of the plants and planters placed inside the boxes by moving the HDPE trays up or down. The Pond Liner ensured that the water and mud does not drip out onto the floor. Each planter box weighs between 120 and 450 KGs and can be moved easily with the help of a forklift. The Fixed Planters are low height plant enclosures with a Galvanized Steel Framework, clad with Sapphire Brown Granite and Steel Grey Granite. The landscape deck is the green area, with benches and large planters meant for relaxation in the middle of the airport. EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL WATER FEATURES The External Water Features include five water bodies at the rotaries along the landscaped areas of the terminal, using 150 tonnes of Steel Grey Granite. These step fountains are made of 80, 100 and 150 mm thick pre-cut, polished, grooved, tapered and numbered solid pieces of granite processed at the Odyssey unit in Ongole. The water cascade at the arrival lounge is the sole Internal Water Feature, made as a combination of Raw Silk Ivory, Lavender Blue and Steel Grey Granite. The pieces are grooved and cut using a combination of CNC and Water-Jet machines.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 11:26

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