Sliding doors

Sliding doors


Solution designed to interrupt the continuity of a very large and bright living area in order to create a separation between the kitchen and the living room.  It was necessary to have a partition wall that was functional and at the same time gave great personality to a living space already in possession of a strong and well-defined style.

The project foresees a partition panel inside which two sliding doors disappear, which, when closed, make the kitchen and the living room completely separate and independent spaces.

It was decided to carry out the intervention in continuity with the minimalist style of the environment. For the design partition panel, a section of absolute black African stone with a quarry split was used: as proof of its origin and history, the breaking points caused by the insertion of dynamite inside the rock are visible along its perimeter, a sort of original scars that give the installation a touch of lived-in experience and primordial authenticity.

Finally, the fishbone is an artistic work made of white enamelled stoneware.