Hiri for Kone Industrial S.p.a

Hiri for Kone Industrial S.p.a

Hiri, a push-button panel produced for Kone S.p.a, is an example of just-in-time production. Integrating with the IT system logic of the customer to manage in real time more than 36.893.488.147.419.103.232 different configurations and rapidly producing, labeling and shipping every week the push-button panels ordered by the customer, those were the difficult challenges posed by Kone. Developing a software able to decipher the different configurations of purchase order files, parametrically and automatically generating the geometries to be laser-cut and industrializing the product with accuracy, quality and quickness at the same time, those were the innovative solutions developed by Terenzi S.r.l. The integration of different mechanical and IT technologies devised specifically for this job allowed us to win the just-in-time task.

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 14:18

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