Private residence in New York

Private residence in New York

New York City: these three words are enough to describe a world in which the opportunities – creative, professional, personal – seem endless.

There, where you can either be a star or a nobody, Stone Italiana has brought all the technical and aesthetic quality of an Italian product into a luxurious apartment.

Commissioned by the New York-based Wonder Works Construction Corporation and created by designer Alena De Ploti, the home was completed in 2017. It includes Stone Italiana quartz products used for floors, wall cladding, stairs and the vanity top.

DNA Urbano (Urban DNA) and Custom products were used to furnish the interiors.

DNA Urbano (Urban DNA) represents atangible expression of the quest to perform responsible research. Laid here in small contrasting squares in the floors of the entrance hall and spa, this collection is principally comprised (about 54%) of road sweeping dust, namely the grit that accumulates along the sidewalks which, when suitably converted, can be recovered and transformed into a new raw material.

The remaining proportion of DNA Urbano slabs is comprised of sand, quartz powder and polyester resin.

In addition to its use on all staircases, which extend between the five floors, the flooring around the large indoor pool was also made in Stone Italiana engineered quartz in the Rocface finish.

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