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Download 3D BIM CAD model Stocco Iks Up mobili bagno

Suspended bathroom furniture with a 45° angle.

The suspended bathroom furniture from the Iks collection is a high-quality bathroom furnishing line designed for projects with elevated expectations. These pieces are crafted by Stocco Design Lab, an Italian company focused on enhancing essential forms and material characteristics.

The Iks bathroom furniture system allows for various design variations without compromising on aesthetic and functional values. The hallmark of the entire range is the 45° angle, along with the essential design placed at the structure junctions and the inclined cut at the top of the fronts.

Discover elegance with the versatile Iks bathroom furniture line, designed to adapt to every design need. There are two distinctive construction variants:

  • Iks Up System: A harmonious fusion of form and functionality, this system features a structure in wood or other materials, with an elegant top in support. The 45-degree joints add a touch of sophistication, while finishing options include wood veneers, lacquered MDF, and Gres. The sink can be either supported or integrated into the unit.
  • Iks Full System: A complete system characterized by a Frame sink integrated into the sophisticated Fenix NTM structure. Impeccable 45-degree joints on four corners evoke a modern and timeless aesthetic, with available finishes including wood, lacquer, and Gres. With options for integrated or supported sinks, this system offers an impeccable solution for any environment.

For those seeking a more personalized option, the Hub sink offers an elegant supported solution, perfect for pairing with a variety of basin bases. Alternatively, for inset solutions, one can opt for the Klinio sink, available in various sizes and configurations: double basin, central basin, or left or right side basin.

Stocco offers free access to architects and designers to useful 3D design files on this product page. If you are an Interior Designer, a Designer, or an Architect, you can download the technical files for free in the dedicated download section. Depending on your design needs, you can choose to download files for bathroom furniture design in formats such as 3D DWG, 3DS, STP, and 3DM, as well as catalogs containing descriptions of the Iks Up and Iks Full bathroom furniture lines and dedicated technical sheets.

Additionally, you can also find ambient images in JPG format, useful for creating your project or presenting the Iks bathroom furniture to your clients.

The layout of the 3D models and BIM objects for designing with Iks bathroom furniture downloadable from this page is as follows:

  1. Klinio recessed sink in DWG format
  2. Klinio recessed sink in STP format
  3. Klinio recessed sink in 3DM format
  4. Klinio recessed sink in 3DS format
  5. Klinio recessed sink L.100 in DWG, STP, 3DM, and 3DS formats
  6. Hub countertop sink in DWG, STP, 3DM, and 3DS formats
  7. Iks Up bathroom unit in DWG format
  8. Iks Up bathroom unit in STP format
  9. Iks Up bathroom unit in 3DM format
  10. Iks Up bathroom unit in 3DS format
  11. Iks basin bases for countertop sinks in DWG format
  12. Iks basin bases for countertop sinks in STP format
  13. Iks basin bases for countertop sinks in 3DM format
  14. Iks basin bases for countertop sinks in 3DS format
  15. Iks column in DWG format
  16. Iks column in STP format
  17. Iks column in 3DM format
  18. Iks column in 3DS format

Would you like to get in touch with the company for design consultation? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. The technical or commercial staff of Stocco Design Lab will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with all the necessary support.

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