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Download 3D Model BIM e CAD Stocco IKS full

Iks is a high-quality suspended bathroom furniture system, created by Stocco Design Lab with the aim of enhancing essential forms and the character of materials. The Iks collection allows for multiple design variations while maintaining aesthetic and functional values. The 45-degree angle is the distinctive feature of the entire system. The essential design located at the junctions of the structure and in the inclined cut at the top of the fronts creates an elegant and practical opening system.

Iks is available in two construction variants for customized design configurations:

- Iks full: a system with the Frame sink integrated into the Fenix structure. Joined at 45 degrees at four corners; Fenix NTM structure, wooden fronts, lacquered, Gres. Integrated or countertop sink.

- Iks Up: a system with a wooden or other material structure and a countertop. Joined at 45 degrees at two lower corners; wooden or lacquered structure, wooden fronts, lacquered, Gres. Top with an integrated or countertop sink.

The Hub washbasin represents the mobile bathroom option with a countertop basin, to be combined with countertop basin units. The recessed Klinio washbasin, on the other hand, is available in its various possible sizes and different configurations: central basin, left or right side basin, double basin version, to be combined with the corresponding basin unit.

On this product page, the company Stocco provides free access to useful files for 3D design for architects and designers. If you are an architect, designer, or interior designer, you can freely download the technical files in the dedicated section, deciding what to download and include in your project among: catalogs of Iks bathroom furniture, with descriptions of the Iks up and Iks full furniture lines; technical sheets of bathroom furniture, project files of bathroom furniture in 3D DWG, 3Ds, STP, 3DM.

You can also find contextualized images of bathroom furniture in JPG format, which can be useful for creating mood boards or for presenting the Iks bathroom furniture and your project to your clients.

The 3D models and BIM objects for designing with Iks bathroom furniture downloadable on this page are organized as follows:

  1. Recessed Klinio washbasin in dwg

  2. Recessed Klinio washbasin in Stp

  3. Recessed Klinio washbasin in 3dm

  4. Recessed Klinio washbasin in 3ds

  5. Recessed Klinio washbasin L.100 in Dwg, Stp, 3dm, and 3ds

  6. Hub countertop washbasin in Dwg, Stp, 3dm, 3ds

  7. Iks Full bathroom unit in Dwg

  8. Iks Full bathroom unit in Stp

  9. Iks Full bathroom unit in 3dm

  10. Iks Full bathroom unit in 3ds

  11. Iks countertop basin units in dwg

  12. Iks countertop basin units in stp

  13. Iks countertop basin units in 3dm

  14. Iks countertop basin units in 3ds

  15. Iks column in dwg

  16. Iks columns in stp

  17. Iks column in 3dm

  18. Iks column in 3ds

  19. Iks full basin unit base in dwg

  20. Iks full basin unit base in stp

  21. Iks full basin unit base in 3dm

  22. Iks full basin unit base in 3ds

If you wish to get in touch with the company for design consultation, fill out the form at the bottom of this page: the qualified technical or commercial staff of Stocco design lab will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the support you need.

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